The Gaius Universe

The Gaius Universe is a single narrative arc of stories told in various mediums. Comics, Visual Novel, Manga and many more. Check out the descriptions below for each story in our first arc Gaius Universe: Spades Arc.

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Cry Hero

Metro City is on the brink of chaos. Crime is at an all-time high. The city is on the verge of civil and social unrest that can lead to a civil war. For the MCPD and its best cop Detective Skyler Archer the stakes couldn’t be higher. A ruthless sociopathic gang named “The Radicals” is piling on the body count of Metro City citizens until their demands are met. The serial kidnapper “The Snatcher” is about to change Skyler’s life forever with his infamous game he calls “Choices.” Is there any hope for this city?

My Name is Rachel

After being a victim of a sexual assault from a fellow student. High school senior Rachel Tanaka tries to put her life back together and find the strength to speak out against her assaulter.

Heart to Heart: A Visual Novel

After taking a hiatus from the music industry. Former pop idol Sakura Kobayashi returns to the world of entertainment. When Sakura’s new single “Starlight Hearts” hits the top ten charts. She will have to balance her newfound fame while juggling her professional and personal life. Sakura will learn that like any success story there is always a price to be paid.


Spades: The Herald Cometh

 In this anthology manga of horror a man who has lost everything makes a deal with a malevolent entity. This entity has two agendas in mind. 1. Resurrect his master into this universe. The second one is to kill the God Gaius while making all who believe in Gaius suffer.


After breaking away from the Galactic Union Nation aka GUN. The alien race known as the Omilords are in search of the mysterious stone known as The Vortex. To combat this new threat. The planet Genesis dispatches it's MECH warriors the ACES (Arcadia Combat Elite Squadron).


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