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August 15th 2018

Every choice we make has a consequence and for Detective Skyler Archer the stakes couldn't be higher. When serial kidnapper Mark Wright aka The Snatcher takes the entire Metro City mall hostage. The Snatcher plays one of his most infamous games known as "Choices" with Detective Skyler Archer. The Snatcher makes Skyler choose which hostages will live and which ones will die.

February 14th 2021

After the tragic events at the Metro City Mall. Detective Skyler Archer and Bernard Drake deal with the consequences of Skyler's choice. Both men must deal with the realization of loss, death, and a fragile friendship.

Imaginative Visions
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May 28th 2021

The official Imaginative Visions merch will be available May 28th 2021. A Unisex T-Shirt in all sizes and various colors plus many more will be available soon.